Personal Construct Psychology

The  Psychology of Personal Constructs by George Kelly is a constructivist psychology and most importantly a very creative, cooperative, respectful and above all USEFUL way to stand in the shoes of another.  It has a wide range of application in many different fields, and over time I will share thoughts about the applications of others as well as my own work here.  In sharing the nature and value of PCP I begin with an interview with myself where I have selected two photographs which speak to me about how I construe PCP.  I invite others to elaborate their own construing of PCP in a similar way and share it here.

Clare Morris

Constructivist Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Coach, Trainer, Yoga Teacher

BSc (Hons) Speech Therapy

Dip PCP Therapy & Counselling

Dip Systemic Practice

UKCP Registration no 940160

For Brian CIC

For Brian CIC is an organisation, run for and by people living with dementia, their families and friends, and practitioners with an interest in our principles. We recognise the skills of each member and facilitate roles in the company to co-produce ‘inclusive, accessible, sustainable activity for brain health’.