Construing PCP: a retrospective

In order to elaborate and share the ways in which Personal Construct Psychology informs, makes sense of, is used by and in other words construed, I am inviting key people in the field to select pictures, objects and/or choose buttons from my collection, to represent important aspects of PCP for them.  I started with myself, using personal photographs, and have now added Ray Evans’ choice of buttons and the words of wisdom that arose from them.  Using pictures, objects or buttons facilitates communication about the ways we make sense of events, including the theory which governs the way we go about our work.  As part of this project, and for my own professional development, I also aim to present my construing of the ways George Kelly and  post Kellyan exponents of PCP construe the theory and approach to understanding and working with people.  This is work in progress ….

An Interview with Myself

In conversation with/some writing by/references for the key people in my ongoing relationship with PCP:

Ray Evans: my teacher, my inspiration and my very dear friend

Peggy Dalton: An introduction to PCP

George Kelly

Fay Fransella