Foundation Course in Personal Construct Psychology

This foundation course in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) will benefit anyone wishing to understand behaviour change both in individuals and groups. On this course you will explore how people make sense of the world, by standing in another person’s shoes and understanding what their unique core values are and how they respond when these are challenged, how they cope with change.

PCP is a meta theory that provides us with a powerful tool in exploring and understanding behaviour change, in individuals, organisations, and society as a whole. It will benefit people working in education, in business and in behaviour change.

Clare Morris, a psychotherapist with twenty years experience applying and teaching Personal Construct Psychology, teams up with David Dansky of Cycle Training UK. Clare uses PCP in her work with people at all stages of dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment, developing a variety of interventions that help improve people’s quality of life and wellbeing. David is a teacher who now works in cycling and transport behaviour change and uses PCP both in his work in educating people to consider how they move around, as well as in managing human resources as a member of one of the UKs leading worker’s cooperative, Cycle Training UK.

Clare and David are co authors of Carsickness: reconstruing driving and cycling (in press) and have collaborated to develop the award winning project Positive Spin: enabling people with dementia and their families to cycle. They facilitate this foundation course comprising three 2 day units, or also as an intensive 5 day course.

The course is of interest to anyone working with change in any area, and the group process benefits greatly from studying PCP and change across a range of contexts. The style of learning is experiential, illustrating the theory by looking at your own ways of making sense in the world, and participants will be facilitated to apply the ideas in their own practice. For those interested in pursuing a psychotherapy training, completion of three units provides the entry requirement for the 4 year Diploma leading to registration with UKCP as a psychotherapist. 

A tried and tested model, the three units provide a comprehensive introduction to Personal Construct Psychology covering basic theory, focusing on reflexive practice and assisting participants in applying PCP in their own contexts from the outset. 


Course Content

Following completion of the Foundation Course, we invite you to keep in touch with the PCP community through helping you network with colleagues in your local area and in your field of application and by putting you in touch with all the other opportunities to further your study of PCP.  You, PCP and your Context are workshops in using PCP, held in west London, designed to support you in continuing to apply PCP. Clare Morris and Cathy Sparkes design a bespoke day of supervision and study using the aims and objectives of the participants attending.

Cost, including course materials:

All three 2 day Units      £900    (£350 per single 2 day unit)

5 day intensive               £850

Discounts for self funding students on application.